Owner x Chef of Farmhouse, Chris Ferris

Each dinner and event is catered to you... your interests, tastes, and individual personality will all be taken in consideration when choosing the menu. 

The Farmhouse Deli is very different from most caterers. During your initial appointment our staff will sit down with you and simply talk about YOU. What are your interests? Are you travelers? What type of people will be attending the dinner and what are THEIR interests? We want to get a feel for your style first. This helps with the preparation of the menu, and the decor and atmosphere. 

Another question our staff will have will refer to the pace of your evening. Is it a slow leisurely dinner with many courses or will your dinner follow a day full of events and be full of a very hungry bunch? Regardless of your answers, there is a lot of conversation that happens before moving on to the food.

The Farmhouse Deli does not have a set menu and it does not push any certain style of menu. Our staff wants to know YOUR favorite restaurants and why your enjoy that specific food. This information will give us a great idea of a possible menu for your event.

Your personality and the personality of your party will be taken into consideration when making decisions about the decor, atmosphere and menu. Combine that approach with the fact that our food is locally sourced and prepared by world-class chefs, and your party is guaranteed to have an amazing evening filled with lasting memories. If you're interested in learning more, please give us a call or fill out this form found here.